October 18, 2009

Marriage is..

Marriage is sharing of love
That keeps going but never grows old
Marriage is a beautiful blending of two lives, two loves, and two hearts
It's a wonderful magical moment when a beautiful love story starts
Marriage is sharing and caring from the moment you first "I do"
It's learning of life's little troubles and all the happiness, too
Marriage is respecting each other
It's bond is made in heaven above
It's finding the world in each other
It's laughter... It's joy...
It's love!


The Meaning of True Love

It is sharing and caring
Giving and forgiving
Loving and being loved
Walking hand in hand
Talking heart to heart
Seeing through each other's eyes

Laughing together,
Weeping together,
Praying together,
And always trusting
And believing
And thanking God
For love that is shared
For each other...
It's a beautiful thing...
It enriches the soul
And makes the heart sing!


Nemu di kartu undangan. Keren ya :)
p.s. fotonya juga keren kan yak, itu cincin pengantin saya tuh *siapa yang nanya* difoto dan diedit pake hape keren yang juga dipake meng-upload postingan ini. Hehe.... malah jadi promo nggak penting ;p